Do Not Enter BlinkerSign, R5-1, 30", Solar, 24/7 Operation
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Wrong-way driving often leads to the most feared of traffic incidents, the head-on collision. Wrong-way crashes are more likely to produce serious injuries and fatalities. Most of the time the offenders are confused, distracted or intoxicated drivers, so one might think there's little that can be done to prevent wrong-way driving. Intoxicated drivers tend to keep their eyes down on the road directly in front of them, trying to keep their vehicle between the lines, often not seeing standard traffic signs.

Installing Do Not Enter BlinkerSigns can deter drivers from making wrong-way movements onto freeways and other restricted roads by providing the extra visible warning cues standard traffic signs lack.

This unit is programmed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but it can be upgraded to smart-activation such as Vehicle Radar Detection.  Please call 1-800-432-0331 for available acivations and customizable features.

Sign MUTCD # R5-1
Sign Substrate .080 Highway Grade Aluminum
Reflective Sheeting 3M™ DG3™ - with anti-graffiti Overlay
MUTCD Compliance MUTCD Section 2A.07 Compliant
Battery Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)- 14,000mAh
Battery Lifespan Up to 5 years
Autonomy (Functionality without Charge) Up to 30 days in 24/7 operation
Flash Pattern MUTCD Compliant
LED Type High Power Luxeon - 1 watt
LED Life Expectancy Over 100,000 Hours

2 Year


  • Item #: R5-1BS-30-247

Do Not Enter BlinkerSign, R5-1, 30", Solar, 24/7 Operation

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