BlinkerStop Sign, R1-1, 30", Solar, 24/7 Operation
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BlinkerStop LED STOP signs provide greater awareness for new, high-risk and high-incidence intersections where static signs are ineffective.

A majority of intersection-related fatal crashes occur at rural crossings where high-speed major highways intersect lower-speed secondary roads. Vertical and horizontal curves can make it difficult for drivers to identify safe gaps in the oncoming traffic when crossing or turning onto the high-speed road. Realigning intersection approaches and other methods can be time-consuming and expensive, and may lack justification at low-volume rural intersections where local agencies have limited budgets.

This unit is programmed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but it can be upgraded to passive or active activations such as Radar or Time Clock activations.  Please call 1-800-432-0331 for available acivations and customizable features.


Sign MUTCD # R1-1
Sign Substrate .080 Highway Grade Aluminum
Reflective Sheeting 3M™ DG3™ - with anti-graffiti Overlay
MUTCD Compliance MUTCD Section 2A.07 Compliant
Battery Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)- 14,000mAh
Battery Lifespan Up to 5 years
Autonomy (Functionality without Charge) Up to 30 days in 24/7 operation
Flash Pattern MUTCD Compliant
LED Type High Power Luxeon - 1 watt
LED Life Expectancy Over 100,000 Hours

2 Year


  • Item #: R1-1BS-30-247

BlinkerStop Sign, R1-1, 30", Solar, 24/7 Operation

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