U-Channel posts are hot rolled flanged channel galvanized per ASTM A 123 finish, and intended to be used as supports for signs and reflective delineator targets.

U-Channel posts are made from high strength, hot rolled steel conforming to ASTM A499-80 (Rail Steel) modified to 60,000 PSI minimum yield and 90,000 PSI minimum tensile.

The finished posts are machine straightened and have a smooth uniform finish, free from injurious defects affecting their strength, durability, or appearance.  Bolt holes of 3/8 inch diameter are carefully spaced vertically and horizontally.  All holes and sheared ends are commercially free from burrs.

  • Item #: 5'x1.12# Gv

5 Foot x 1.12 lb per Foot, Galvanized U-Channel Post

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