U-Channel posts are hot rolled flanged channel galvanized per ASTM A 123 finish, and intended to be used as supports for signs and reflective delineator targets.

U-Channel posts are made from high strength, hot rolled steel conforming to ASTM A499-80 (Rail Steel) modified to 60,000 PSI minimum yield and 90,000 PSI minimum tensile.

The length of the post can vary according to our customers request.  Please select the appropriate length post.

The finished posts are machine straightened and have a smooth uniform finish, free from injurious defects affecting their strength, durability, or appearance.  Bolt holes of 3/8 inch diameter are carefully spaced vertically and horizontally.  All holes and sheared ends are commercially free from burrs.


  • Item #: 12x2# GV

12 Foot x 2 lb per Foot, Galvanized U-Channel Post

Price: $30.00
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